Arch enhancer by Dance Arches

Dance Arches, the arch enhancer

Dance Arches, the arch enhancer was conceived and designed with integrity and a strong desire to help dancers look their best and fulfill their dreams.

In fact some of the greatest ballerinas in history, were known to have gone to lengths to enhance the height of their insteps to create visually the most beautiful lines they could. Learn more about Dance Arches, the arch enhancer »

The High Quality Solution

  • Our arch enhancer is made of the highest quality medical grade silicone and breathable fabrics
  • Shaped by a professional prosthetics technician
  • Anatomically correct
  • Invisible in ballet shoes
  • Create a technically perfect foot from all angles
  • Dance Arches arch enhancer is hand washable
  • Proudly Australian made and manufactured to ensure the highest quality
  • Australian patented arch enhancer
  • International patents pending
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"As an ex professional dancer from English National Ballet, I only wish Dance Arches arch enhancers had existed then... now that I am a teacher..."